segunda-feira, 9 de agosto de 2010

They spent the whole dinner talking about the most unexpected and fascinating things. One could not really tell what they were talking about. Subject would change in a strange flow of energy - in a secrete way one should say - constantly spinning over all subjects, diving into one, drowning into another. The night flew past as a sort of summer storm. Nothing more joyful. A bottle of wine. A talk about times that will never come back. A cigarette. Some thoughts about the time that was still to come. A smile. A certain thought about how they could be so close if they had just met.
Phil and Frances were introduced to each other that very night at a company's farewell dinner. He was a marketing manager from Toronto. She was the Human Resources Director of the Headquarters. However, all these little details about their real identities sounded oddly irrelevant to them.
"Would you drink another bottle?"
"How can I possibly say no to such a delicious wine?"
"...not to mention your company..."
It was just as Phil tired to find a waiter that he noticed the number of empty tables around them. He almost made the mistake of looking at his impolite that would have been! Suddenly, Frances said, "Have you got a light? I can't find mine...Don't worry, I'll ask the waiter..."
At that moment, Frances caught sight of the waiter standing by the bar with his arms crossed and an angry look on his face. She almost made the mistake of asking Phil what time it rude that would have sounded!
All these silent signs reminded them that yes, it was already very late. As Phil poured the last glass of wine, Frances noticed the gleaming weddind ring on his left hand. And she felt a strange fear...whitout thinking twice, she furtivly hid her engagement ring in her handbag.
"I should not be afraid of having a lovely dinner with a married man..." she thought.
"I mus not let her notice that I'm in fact worried about the time I'll get to the hotel and call my wife..." he thought.
"One would logically think that we're a couple or even lovers...' she could think any further.
'It may sound wierd...but I kind of feel guilty...strangely unfaithful...having this everlasting conversation with a woman I barely know...' he stopped thinking.
Silence found its place at the table.
"Is she beautiful? I believe so... I just feel I am not supposed to look again and check..."
"I guess it is already time for us to..."
"...yeah... it's time...I guess..."
Their eyes met and they had the fearful sight of the abyss.
"Shall we go...?"
"I a place where we could be alone?"
"So am I..."
Saying no more, they left their fears and identities at the dinner table and took a cab to nowhere land where waiters and empty tables would not see them.

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